Who do I contact with a question on rule interpretation(s)?

Mike Kim is our resident interpreter officer. Mike can be reached via e-mail at mikekimdvm@gmail.com.

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Where can I find an official for a game at my school/for my organization/otherwise?

Eric Jordan is our Assigning specialist! He can help you with questions on availability and costs, and can assign referees with appropriate experience to your basketball event. You may reach Eric at assignor@ovbabo.ca, or by telephone at 613-410-3915. Inquiries specific to requesting referees only please!

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How do I become involved with the Ottawa Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials?

Registration for the 2019-2020 season is now OPEN!

Great! So, you would like to become part of our organization! We certainly welcome newcomers, regardless of experience, gender, or hair colour! Getting involved with the OVBABO is a relaxed process, free of undue pressure. We’ll assess your skills, answer questions, and point you in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ll be officiating with Andre, our president! To hear more about the OVBABO’s structure and for information on getting involved, please contact OVBABO Training Officer, Aarash Rafiaie at: arafiaie@gmail.com . We look forward to hearing from you!

Interested individuals must attend the mandatory training sessions at beginning of season.  Those prospective officials who pass the training program will be considered for OVBABO membership.
Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be in good physical condition and have a suitable personality to deal with any emotional situations that may occur while officiating a basketball game.
  • Commitment to attend all training sessions
  • Prepared to invest in proper referee equipment
  • Provide own transportation
  • Commitment to make oneself available available for at least one game assignment per week during a timeslot which coincides with client demand for game coverage (4:00PM high school games, evenings, and/or weekends or early afternoon weekday high school games.
  • Commitment to accept/carry out assignments as determined by the Assignor.
  • Experience in officiating in general and/or participation in the game of basketball as a player, coach or official is preferred.

Registration and Development:

  • Candidates must register at the Fall Meeting held each September. For more details contact our Training Officer (Aarash Rafiaie at: arafiaie@gmail.com).
  • Prospective members will undergo compulsory training that will require some weekends and several evenings.
  • A comprehensive schedule combining rules study sessions and practical ‘on the floor’ mechanics training starts in early September
  • Throughout October and November there are selected subject study nights.
  • A written test must be taken in late November.
  • Only prospective officials who pass the training program will be considered for OVBABO membership.
  • New members will also be evaluated during OVBABO sponsored tournaments and periodically during regular games.
  • Failure to progress in learning (or maintaining) the basic officiating skills or in dealing with elements of the game (physical or emotional) could lead to release from OVBABO.

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I am under 18 and want to start officiating – where/how?

OVBABO has updated their policy as of the 2017-2018 season to accept members under the age of 18 to join our association.  Officiating is a great way to be or stay involved in basketball, meet new mentors and officials, and make some additional money. 

We will guide your development in association with one of the youth leagues (i.e. Nepean Blue Devils, GCBA, KYBA and/or Goulbourn – see the links in Links and Partners section) and elementary/club ball games.

It is a great place to start your referee career, learn the fundamentals and gain useful experience as a basketball official.

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When and where are the next OVBABO meetings?

Please see our Board Meetings page.

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