Presidents Welcome

Presidents Welcome 2019/2020

Hello and Welcome OVBABO members

I would like to thank the membership for giving me the opportunity to represent your organization.  I would like to personally thank Andre Lemaire for his fourteen years of leadership and direction of the OVBABO organization.
One of my platform goals was to have a more open and transparent organization.  If you have any concerns or ideas please to do not hesitate to contact me or the appropriate executive member.  Your input is appreciated and important to the growth of the organization.
We have an experienced executive who are here to serve you and the basketball community.
Through our training and evaluation processes, we encourage you to maximize your skills and achieve your personal goals and get to the level you feel comfortable with.  As well we need to reach out and mentor, encourage, and facilitate the growth of our newer officials.
I will be reaching out to you individually to explore leadership opportunities and roles within the organization.
Over the years I have got to know many of you personally, and what strikes me is the support we have for one another and the passion for the game itself.  I hope to support you in your goals and make our service to the basketball community the best it can be.
Looking forward to seeing you at the fall meeting
Steve Kenny,

OVBABO President