Presidents Welcome

Presidents Welcome 2017/2018


On behalf of the OVBABO Executive, I would like to welcome all our association veterans, new comers and the basketball community to a new season of basketball. This is the time of the year that all officials get excited about returning to the floor.

I would like to welcome to the executive Frank Harris as our new communication and liaison officer and Steve Ashfield  as our  new Vice President.

On behalf of the membership, I would also like to thank Tony Forde for all of his hard work these past 4 years as the Vice President of the association.

We will have a comprehensive new training program to support the needs of both the new officials, experienced officials as well as our basketball stakeholders at the high school level in transitioning to full FIBA rules  set this season.

Our Assigners and our Evaluation Committee will endeavour to provide feedback (either through a formal or informal evaluation) to rate each and every one of our officials and to provide to assign games that match the game level as closely as possible with the official’s level of ability. 

I look forward to seeing you all and working with you on the court!

Andre Lemaire
OVBABO President