All games in the Ottawa Valley from Brockville in the south, Vankleek Hill in the east, Perth in the west and the National Capital area are officiated by members of the Ottawa Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials.


Name: E. S. C. Le Relais
Address: 100 McNabb Street, Alexandria, Ontario, K0C 1A0

Name: Almonte
Address: 126 Martin St. East, Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0
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Name: R. Tait MacKenzie
Address: 175 Paterson Street, Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0

Name:Arnprior D.H.S.
Address: 59 Ottawa Street, Arnprior, Ontario, K7S 1X2
Phone: 613-623-3183

Name:Athens DHS
Address:21 Church Street, Athens, Ontario, K0E 1B0
Map it!Phone:613-924-2618

Name:Adrienne Clarkson P.S.
Address:170 Stoneway Drive, Barrhaven, Ontario, K2G 6R2
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Address:1110 Longfields Drive, Barrhaven, Ontario, K2J 5C6
Map it!Phone:613-820-7293

Name:Farley Mowat Public School
Address:75 Waterbridge Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 6T3
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Name:Longfield – Davidson Heights
Address:149 Berrigan Drive, Barrhaven, Ontario, K2J 5C6
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Name:Mary Honeywell P.S.
Address:54 Kennevale Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 3B2
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Name:Ottawa Christian School
Address:255 Tartan Drive, Barrhaven, Ontario, K2J 3T1
Map it!Phone:613-825-3000

Address:Various, Brockville, Ontario,
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Name:Ange Gabriel
Address:1515 Kensington Parkway, Brockville, Ontario, K6V-6H9
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Address:90 Pearl Street East, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 1P8
Map it!Phone:613-345-5641

Name:St. Marys
Address:40 Central Avenue West, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 4N5
Map it!Phone:613-342-4911

Address:2510 Parkedale Avenue, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 3H1
Map it!Phone:613-342-1100

Address:40 Vanier Drive, Brockville, Ontario, K6V 3J5
Map it!Phone:613-342-8081

Carleton Place
Name:Carleton Place
Address:215 Lake Ave., West, Ontario, K7C 1M3
Map it!Phone:613-257-2720

Name:Notre Dame-(C.P.)
Address:157 McKenzie St., Carleton Place, Ontario, K7C 4P2
Map it!Phone:613-253-4700

Name:Academie de la Signeurie
Address:731 des pommiers rue, Casselman, Ontario, K0A 1M0
Map it!Phone:613-764-0550

Address:778 Brebeuf St., Casselman, Ontario, K0A 1M0
Map it!Phone:613-764-2991

Name:West Carleton
Address:3088 Dunrobin Road, R.R. #2, Dunrobin, Ontario, K0A 1T0
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Address:1276 St. Jacques St., Embrun, Ontario, K0A 1W0
Map it!Phone:613-443-2186

Address:175 William Street South, Gananoque, Ontario, K7G 1S8
Map it!Phone:613-382-4741

Name:E. S. de Ile
Address:255 rue St. Redempteur, Gatineau, Quebec, J8X 2T4
Map it!Phone:819-771-6126

Name:Le Carrefour
Address:50 chemin de la Savane, Gatineau, Quebec, J8T 3N2
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Address:360 Boul. de la Verendrye, Gatineau, Quebec, J8P 6K7
Map it!Phone:819-663-9241

Name:Nouvelle Frontiere
Address:250 rue Gamelin, Gatineau, Quebec, J8Y 1W9
Map it!Phone:819-561-8922

Name:St. Alexandre
Address:2425 rue St. Louis, Gatineau, Quebec, J8V 1E7
Map it!Phone:819-561-3812

Name:C. F. B. Leitrum
Address:3545 Leitrim Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1A 0K4
Map it!Phone:613-945-5355

Name:Collège catholique Mer Bleue
Address:6401 Renaud Rd, Orléans, ON K1W 0H8
Phone:(613) 744-4022

Name:Colonel By
Address:2381 Ogilvie Rd., Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 7N4
Map it!Phone:613-745-9411

Name:Emily Carr Middle School
Address:2681 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1B 3J7
Map it!Phone:613-824-5455

Address:2060 Ogilvie Rd., Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 7N8
Map it!Phone:613-745-7176

Name:Henry Munro P. S.
Address:2105 Kender Avenue, Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 6J7
Map it!Phone:613-748-0060

Name:Lester B. Pearson
Address:2072 Jasmine Cres., Gloucester, Ontario, K1J 8M5
Map it!Phone:613-741-4525

Name:Louis Riel
Address:1655 Bearbrook Rd., Gloucester, Ontario, K1B 4N3
Map it!Phone:613-738-1683

Name:Castor Valley Public School
Address:2630 Grey’s Creek Road, Greely, Ontario, K4P 1N2
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Name:St. Francis Xavier – Hammond
Address:1235 Russell Road, Hammond, Ontario, K0A 2A0
Map it!Phone:613-487-2913

Name:Ecole Paul VI
Address:500 Main Street East, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A1A9
Map it!Phone:613-632-2734

Address:572 Kitchener St., Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 2P3
Map it!Phone:613-632-7055

Name:Le Sommet
Address:894 Cecile Blvd., Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 3R5
Map it!Phone:613-632-6059

Name:St Paul IV
Address:500 rue Principale East, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 1A9
Map it!Phone:613-632-2734

Name:Innustuk H.S.
Address:1 Ring Road, Iqaluit, Ontario, X0A 0H0
Map it!Phone:867-979-5281

Name:All Saints
Address:5115 Kanata Ave., Kanata, Ontario, K2K 3K5
Map it!Phone:613-271-4254

Name:A. Y. Jackson
Address:150 Abbeyhill Dr., Kanata, Ontario, K2L 1H7
Map it!Phone:613-836-2527

Name:Canadian Tire Centre
Address:1000 Palladium Drive, Kanata, Ontario, K2V1A5
Map it!Phone:613-599-0100

Name:D. Aubrey Moodie
Address:595 Moodie Drive, Kanata, Ontario,
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Name:Earl of March
Address:4 The Parkway, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 1Y4
Map it!Phone:613-592-3361

Name:Eva James
Address:65 Stonehaven Dr., Kanata, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-271-0712

Name:Glen Cairn C.C.
Address:182 Morrena Road, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 1E1
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Name:Holy Trinity
Address:180 Katimavik Rd., Kanata, Ontario, K2L 4A7
Map it!Phone:613-591-9955

Name:Jack Donohue P.S.
Address:101 Penrith Street, Kanata, Ontario, K2W 1H4
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Name:Kanata Montessori School
Address:355 Michael Cowpland Drive , Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2C5
Map it!Phone:613-592-2189

Name:Maurice Lapointe
Address:17 Bridgestone Drive, Kanata, Ontario, K2M 0E8
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Name:Scotiabank Place
Address:, Kanata, Ontario,
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Name:W. O. Mitchell P.S.
Address:80 Steeple Chase Drive, Kanata, Ontario, K2M 2A6
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Name:North Grenville
Address:2605 Concession Road, Kemptville, Ontario, K0G 1J0
Map it!Phone:613-258-3481

Name:St. Michael
Address:2755 Highway 43, Kemptville, Ontario, K0G 1J0
Map it!Phone:613-258-7232

Name:Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Address:1085 Woodbine Road, Kingston, Ontario, K7P 2V9
Map it!Phone:613-384-1919

Name:Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Address:235 Frontenac Street, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3S7
Map it!Phone:613-544-4811

Name:La Salle Secondary School
Address:773 Highway 15, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 5H6
Map it!Phone:613-548-4393

Name:St Lawrence College
Address:78 Country Club Drive, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 5A6
Map it!Phone:613-544-5400 ext. 1445

Name:St. Mark
Address:1040 Dozois Rd., Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1B2
Map it!Phone:613-692-2552

Name:Osgoode Township
Address:2800 8th Line Road, Metcalfe, Ontario, K0A 2P0
Map it!Phone:613-821-2241

Address:40 Cassidy Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 6K1
Map it!Phone:613-828-9101

Name:Berrigan Elementary School
Address:199 Berrigan Dr., Nepean, Ontario, K2J 5C6
Map it!Phone:613-825-0092

Name:Cedarview Middle School
Address:2760 Cedarview Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 4J2
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Address:1645 Woodroffe Ave , Nepean, Ontario, K2G1W2
Map it!Phone:(613) 596-8256

Name:Franco Oeust
Address:411 Seyton Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 8X1
Map it!Phone:613-820-2920

Name:Frank Ryan Public School
Address:128 Chesterton Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 5T8
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Name:Greenbank M.S.
Address:168 Greenbank Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 5V2
Map it!Phone:613-828-4587

Name:Jean-Robert Gauthier P.S.
Address:1110 Longfields Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 5A9
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Name:John McCrae
Address:103 Malvern Dr., Nepean, Ontario, K2J 4T2
Map it!Phone:613-823-0367

Address:1755 Merivale Rd., Nepean, Ontario, K2G 1E2
Map it!Phone:613-224-1807

Name:Mother Teresa
Address:440 Longfields Dr., Nepean, Ontario, K2J 4T1
Map it!Phone:613-823-1663

Name:Redeemer Christian
Address:82 Colonnade Road North, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7L2
Map it!Phone:613-723-9262

Name:Sir Guy Carleton
Address:55 Centrepointe Dr., Nepean, Ontario, K2G 5L4
Map it!Phone:613-723-5136

Name:Sir Robert Borden
Address:131 Greenbank Rd., Nepean, Ontario, K2H 8R1
Map it!Phone:613-829-5320

Name:St Andrew Elementary School
Address:201 Crestway Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 63
Map it!Phone:613-843-0050

Name:St. Joseph
Address:3333 Greenbank Rd., Nepean, Ontario, K2J 4J1
Map it!Phone:613-823-4797

Name:Sir Winston Churchill P.S.
Address:49 Mulvagh Avenue, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 6M7
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Name:Avalon P.S.
Address:2080 Portobello Blvd, Orleans, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Name:Beatrice de Loges
Address:1999 Provence Avenue, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 3Y6
Map it!Phone:

Name:Carine Wilson
Address:975 Orleans Blvd., Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2Z5
Map it!Phone:613-824-4411

Name:Des Sentiers
Address:2159 Nantes Street, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 4C4
Map it!Phone:

Name:Fallingbrook Elementary School
Address:679 Deancourt Crescent, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 3E1
Map it!Phone:613-830-8817

Name:Forest Valley Elementary School
Address:1570 Forest Valley Drive, Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2V5
Map it!Phone:613-824-0733

Address:6588 Carriere Street, Orlenas, Ontario, K1C 1J4
Map it!Phone:

Name:Gisele Lalonde
Address:500 Millenium Blvd., Orleans, Ontario, K4A 4X3
Map it!Phone:613-833-0018

Name:Henry Larson Elementary School
Address:1750 Sunview Drive, Orleans, Ontario, K1C 5B3
Map it!Phone:613-830-4634

Name:Maple Ridge Public School
Address:1000 Valin Road, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 4B5
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Address:1770 Grey Nuns Rd., Orleans, Ontario, K1C 1C3
Map it!Phone:613-834-2097

Name:Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Address:1515 10th Line Rd., Orleans, Ontario, K1E 3E8
Map it!Phone:613-834-4500

Name:St. Matthew
Address:6550 Bilberry Dr., Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2S9
Map it!Phone:613-837-3161

Name:St. Peter
Address:750 Charlemagne Blvd., Orleans, Ontario, K4A 3M4
Map it!Phone:613-837-9377

Name:Terry Fox Elementary School
Address:6400 Jeanne D’Arc Blvd., Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2S7
Map it!Phone:613-837-3251

Name:Trillium Elementary School
Address:1515 Varennes Blvd., Orleans, Ontario, K4A 3S1
Map it!Phone:613-841-7393

Name:Y.M.C.A. – Orleans
Address:Centrum Blvd., Orleans, Ontario,
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Name:Accora Recreation Centre
Address:98 Woodridge Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario,
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Address:1385 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-727-0002

Address:362 Mariposa Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 0T3
Map it!Phone:613-749-5954

Name:Bernard Grandmaitre P.S.
Address:4170 Spratt Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 0Z5
Map it!Phone:

Name:Boys and Girls Club McArthur
Address:430 Mc Arthur Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1G6
Map it!Phone:613-746-8517

Name:Boys & Girls Club DuMaurier
Address:2825 DuMaurier Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 7W3
Map it!Phone:613-828-0428

Address:824 Brookfield Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 6J3
Map it!Phone:613-733-0610

Address:900 Cantebury Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3A7
Map it!Phone:613-731-1191

Address:1125 Colonel By Dr., Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-520-7400

Name:Carlington Gym
Address:1520 Caldwell Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 8M7
Map it!Phone:613-798-8920

Name:de la Salle
Address:501 Old St. Patrick St., Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 8R3
Map it!Phone:613-789-0053

Address:1895 Russell Rd., Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-247-4846

Address:159 Chesterton Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7E6
Map it!Phone:

Address:261 Buena Vista Rd., Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-749-6761

Name:Fielding Drive P.S.
Address:777 Fielding Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7G1
Map it!Phone:613-731-4928

Name:Fisher Park P.S.
Address:250 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 0Y6
Map it!Phone:613-729-5054

Name:Franco Cite
Address:623 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 1N7
Map it!Phone:613-521-4999

Name:Glashan Public School
Address:28 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1C2
Map it!Phone:

Address:212 Glebe Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 2C9
Map it!Phone:613-239-2424

Name:Greenboro Community Centre
Address:363 Lorry Greenberg Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 3P8
Map it!Phone:

Name:Hawthorne P.S.
Address:2158 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 1A9
Map it!Phone:

Name:Heron Road Community Centre
Address:1480 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Address:1900 Dauphin Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 2L7
Map it!Phone:613-733-1755

Name:Hopewell Avenue Public School
Address:17 Hopewell Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 2Y7
Map it!Phone:

Address:140 Main St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5P4
Map it!Phone:613-237-2001

Name:J. C. C.
Address:31 Nadolny Sachs Private, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1R9
Map it!Phone:613-772-0020

Name:La Cite
Address:801 Avaition Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 4R3
Map it!Phone:613-742-2483

Name:Le Patro
Address:40 Cobourg Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 8Z6
Map it!Phone:

Address:29 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0B9
Map it!Phone:613-239-2696

Name:Metropolitian Bible Church
Address:2176 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E oA1
Map it!Phone:613-238-8182

Address:574 Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 3V8
Map it!Phone:613-722-6551

Address:1341 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Name:Notre Dame-(Ott.)
Address:710 Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 2M2
Map it!Phone:613-722-6565

Name:Old Ottawa Tech
Address:440 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Address:, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:613-562-5800

Name:Ottawa-Nepean Sportsplex
Address:, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Name:Ottawa-Nepean Sportsplex
Address:, Ottawa, Ontario,
Map it!Phone:

Name:Ottawa Technical Learning Centre
Address:485 Donald St., Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1L8
Map it!Phone:613-745-0347

Name:Pierre Savard H.S.
Address:1110 Longfields Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 0H9
Map it!Phone:613-820-7293

Name:R. A.
Address:2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 7X7
Map it!Phone:613-733-5100

Address:815 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3A7
Map it!Phone:613-746-8196

Address:2597 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7T3
Map it!Phone:613-733-4860

Name:Roberta Bondar P.S.
Address:159 Lorry Greenberg Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 3J6
Map it!Phone:613-736-7334

Name:Samuel Genest
Address:704 Carson Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 2H3
Map it!Phone:

Name:Sawmill Creek P.S.
Address:3400 D’Aoust Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 1R5
Map it!Phone:

Name:Stephen MacLean P.S.
Address:4175 Spratt Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1T6
Map it!Phone:

Name:St. Francis Xavier – Ottawa
Address:3740 Spratt Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 2M1
Map it!Phone:613-822-7900

Name:St Lukes Park
Address:166 Frank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P
Map it!Phone:

Name:St. Patrick Intermediate
Address:1485 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 6A6
Map it!Phone:613-733-3736

Name:St. Patricks
Address:2525 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7T3
Map it!Phone:613-733-0501

Name:St. Paul
Address:2675 Draper Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 7A1
Map it!Phone:613-820-9705

Name:St. Pius X
Address:1481 Fisher Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 1X4
Map it!Phone:613-225-8105

Name:Trillium Independent School
Address:135 Alice Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1L 7X5
Map it!Phone:613-744-8523

Address:1132 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6P7
Map it!Phone:613-729-9940

Address:2410 Georgina Dr. W., Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 7M8
Map it!Phone:613-820-7186

Address:180 Argyle , Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1B7
Map it!Phone:613-788-5000

Address:180 Argyle , Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1B7
Map it!Phone:613-788-5000

Name:Bishop Smith
Address:362 Carmody Street, Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 4G2
Map it!Phone:613-735-5496

Name:Fellowes High School
Address:420 Bell Street, Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 2K5
Map it!Phone:613-735-6858

Address:13 Victoria St., Perth, Ontario, K7H 2H3
Map it!Phone:613-267-3051

Name:Stewart School
Address:7 Sunset Blvd., Perth, Ontario, K7H 0A1
Map it!Phone:613-267-2940

Name:St. John
Address:2066 Scotch Line Rd., Perth, Ontario, K7H 3C5
Map it!Phone:613-267-4724

Name:CFB Petawawa
Address:101 Menin Road, Petawawa, Ontario, K8H 2X3
Map it!Phone:613-687-5511

Name:Dundonald Hall
Address:57 Festubert Blvd, Petawawa , Ontario, K8H 2X3
Map it!Phone:

Address:6150 de Compe 17th Rd., Plantagenet, Ontario, K0B 1L0
Map it!Phone:613-673-5124

Name:South Grenville
Address:P.O. Box 670, 1000 Edward Street North, Prescott, Ontario, K0E 1T0
Map it!Phone:613-925-2855

Name:Renfrew Collegiate Institute
Address:184 Bonnechere Street South, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1Z5
Map it!Phone:613-432-4858

Name:Renfrew St. Joseph
Address:835 First Street, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 4E1
Map it!Phone:613-432-5846

Name:St. Joseph’s
Address:835 First Street, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 4E1
Map it!Phone:613-432-5846

Name:South Carleton
Address:3673 McBean St., Richmond, Ontario, K0A 2Z0
Map it!Phone:613-838-2212

Address:1535 du Park, Rockland, Ontario, K4K 1K6
Map it!Phone:613-4465169

Address:1004 St. Joseph St., Rockland, Ontario, K4K 1P6
Map it!Phone:613-446-7347

Name:Russell High School
Address:982 North Russell Road, Russell, Ontario, K4R 1C8
Map it!Phone:613-445-2659

Name:St. Thomas Aquinas
Address:1211 South Russell Rd., Russell, Ontario, K4R 1E5
Map it!Phone:613-445-0810

Smiths Falls
Name:Chimo Elementary School
Address:11 Ross Street, Smiths Falls, Ontario, K7A 4V7
Map it!Phone:613-283-1761

Name:Smiths Falls
Address:299 Percy St., Smiths Falls, Ontario, K7A 5M2
Map it!Phone:613-283-0288

Name:A. Lorne Cassidy
Address:27 Hobin Street, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S1G8
Map it!Phone:613-831-3434

Name:Sacred Heart
Address:5870 Abbott St., Stittsville, Ontario, K0A 2Z0
Map it!Phone:613-831-6643

Name:Stittsville P.S.
Address:40 Granite Ridge Drive, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1Y9
Map it!Phone:

Vankleek Hill
Name:Vankleek Hill
Address:5814 Highway 34, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, K0B 1R0
Map it!Phone:613-678-2023

Name:Stonecrest Elementary School
Address:3791 Stonecrest Road, Woodlawn, Ontario, K0A 3M0
Map it!Phone: